Commercial Haulers

Garbage, Recycling & Organic Recycling Service Providers

The following companies are franchised garbage and recycling service providers in the city:

Companies Offering Recycling Services

All these companies offer recycling services to their customers. Businesses may also utilize the services offered by the following authorized recyclers:

  • AAA Services - 916-600-3400
  • C & C Green Services - 916-806-8696
  • California Electronic Asset Recovery (CEAR) - 916-388-1777
  • International Paper - 916-371-4634
  • Modern Waste Solutions - 916-339-3676
  • Recycling Industries, Inc. - 916-452-3961
  • Rock-Tenn Recycling and Waste Solutions - 916-381-3340
  • Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps - 916-386-8394
  • Sims Recycling Solutions, Inc. - 916-772-5681
  • Southside Unlimited - 916-387-8080
  • Spencer Building Maintenance - 916-992-1900

Overall Cost Reduction

Most businesses and multifamily complexes can save money by reducing trash collection service with the implementation of a comprehensive recycling program. Feel free to contact your waste hauler to learn more about reducing overall costs.

Recycling Program Implementation Assistance

If you would like help implementing your on-site recycling program, we can help with a visit to your business or multifamily complex. Please contact the city’s General Services Department at 916-727-4770 or email General Services.