Measure "M" Transactions (Sales) and Use Tax

Frequently Asked Questions About Measure M 
Maintaining Local Control & Vital City Services in Citrus Heights 

Q:       What is Measure M?

A:        The Citrus Heights City Council placed Measure M on the November 3, 2020 local ballot. If enacted, Measure M would provide a reliable, local funding for Citrus Heights. Measure M funding cannot be taken by the State or County. 


Q:       What accountability measures are included in Measure M? 

A:         Measure M requires the creation of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, yearly independent financial audits, and public disclosure of spending.  All Measure M funding stays in Citrus Heights and none can be taken by the State. 


Q:       What does Measure M cost?

A:        Measure M is a one-cent sales tax that would generate funding for city services. Measure M is not applied to prescription medicine or most food purchased as groceries and is not a tax on your home or property.


Q:       When is the election? 

A:        Tuesday, November 3, 2020. To check your registration or get registered to vote, visit


Q:       Where can I get more information about Measure M?

A:        If you have questions about Measure M that are not answered by the information on this page, contact

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