Community Partnerships

Coordinating Partnerships

The city is proud of the many positive and productive partnerships that have been built with other governmental agencies and non-profits. A number of these partnerships help to enhance the quality of life for Citrus Heights residents including the Citrus Heights Collaborative.

Quality of Life

The term quality of life is one that means something different to everyone. Generally speaking, it refers to one's overall enjoyment of life and their ability to do so. Factors influencing quality of life include satisfying the basic necessities in life, such as shelter, nourishment, and health. Other factors might include access to transportation, culture, recreational activities, environmental quality, and educational experiences. Clean neighborhoods, safe streets, good schools, and recreational amenities are all part of a positive quality of life. In general, providing a nice place for people to live and enjoy their day-to-day life is significant in terms of promoting a quality of life.

Enhancing the quality of life in the Citrus Heights community was a motivating factor for incorporation in 1997. As a large urbanized unincorporated area, the Citrus Heights community needed to define itself and develop a greater sense of place. Through strategic partnerships with other local service providers and community events, the city has been a significant catalyst for enhancing the quality of life in Citrus Heights.

Current Partnerships

Since incorporation, the city has initiated a number of initiatives through partnerships to improve the quality of life in Citrus Heights.

  • Citrus Heights Collaborative: A monthly meeting of public agencies and non-profit organizations that serve Citrus Heights, the Citrus Heights Collaborative is an excellent resource for exchanging information, establishing partnerships, forming cooperative relationships for grant applications, and more. The collaborative focuses on enhancing social services, human services, and programs to the Citrus Heights community.
  • School Partnerships: In an effort to promote the enhancement of education in Citrus Heights and the quality of schools, the city has been actively engaged in education and school issues since shortly after incorporation. The city has a close working relationship with San Juan Unified School District at all levels ranging from the elected representatives to program managers to principals. Regular meetings occur between city elected officials and staff and local principals and district administrators.
  • Park Partnerships: The city recognizes the value of high quality recreational services and park amenities on overall community quality of life. Since incorporation, the city has maintained a very strong partnership-oriented relationship with the local provider of parks and recreation services, Sunrise Recreation and Park District.
  • Library Partnerships: Access to books and a public library are another aspect of a healthy, quality community. The city has partnered with the Sacramento Public Library to enhance library hours, technology, and programs.