How does the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program (RLPEP) work?
The video footage of suspected violations captured by the cameras are routed through a protected internet connection directly to the Photo Enforcement Officer’s computer for evaluation. The photo enforcement officers reviewing the suspected violations are specially trained in the use of the photo enforcement system, and are police officers who have several years of experience in traffic enforcement including traffic collision investigations.

Upon receiving a suspected violation from Red Flex, the officer reviews the video footage which includes the front and back of the vehicle a few seconds before, and after, the suspected violation. If the officer confirms the driver of the vehicle is in violation, they determine if the driver can be positively identified as the registered owner. If the registered owner is the driver, and is positively identified by their Department of motor vehicles photo or other law enforcement photo, they will be issued a citation.

If the driver does not appear to be the registered owner(s), the officer does not issue a citation, but requests assistance from the registered owner by mailing a notice of violation to the address listed on the registration. The notice requests the registered owner(s) to provide the driver’s information. If the registered owner is not the driver, and does not respond with information of who the driver is, no citation is issued. If the registered owner does provide the information of the driver, and that driver can be positively identified, the driver will be issued a citation.

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