Greenback Lane Complete Streets

Project Description:

The Greenback Lane Complete Streets Improvements Project will rehabilitate this major arterial corridor between Sunrise Boulevard and Fair Oaks Boulevard. The goal is to enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility, improve traffic flow and improve the rideability and aesthetics of the corridor.

The project will encompass the following improvements:

  • Roadway resurfacing for smooth driving
  • Removing and replacing all deteriorated sidewalk, curb and gutter sections
  • Reconstructing portions of the existing raised medians
  • Restriping the roadway to incorporate buffered bicycle lanes
  • Repairs/upgrades to existing storm drainage infrastructure 
  • Upgrading traffic signals at Fair Oaks Blvd., Arcadia Dr. and Sunrise Blvd. to meet current standards
  • At the Fair Oaks Blvd. and Greenback Ln. intersection: 
    1. Reconstructing/realigning sidewalks and ADA compliant access ramps at the northeast and southeast corners to eliminate painted pedestrian islands, shorten the pedestrian crossing distances (north - south and east – west) and improve overall safety and mobility at the corners
    2. Installing state-of the-art pedestrian push buttons and posts at all crossing points
    3. Relocating the Pedestrian signal heads to align with new crossings
    4. Possible modification of the medians to accommodate new crossings
  • Installing updated ADA compliant curb ramps at remaining intersections within project as needed
  • Installing new signal communication facilities
  • Constructing bus turnout and enhanced pavement for stopping pad for eastbound Greenback Ln west of Fair Oaks Blvd
  • Installing power conduit and conductors to two existing planted medians (east and west of Arcadia Drive) for accent lighting project

Project Status:

This project is currently in the design phase. We anticipate construction to begin in Spring of 2022. The project is funded through Measure A Capital allocation and Storm Water Utility Funds, Measure A Traffic Safety, Gas Tax, SB1, Transit, and Roadway Impact Fee Funds.

Page last updated September 28, 2021.