Beautification Crew

The City of Citrus Heights has taken a critical step to help reduce blight and maintain a vibrant and clean community by launching recruitments to staff a new Beautification Crew Pilot Program. The City is contracting two limited term full-time positions to provide maintenance and beautification services, including:

  • Litter and weed abatement
  • Illegal sign removal
  • Removal of unauthorized materials in the public right of way
  • Minor graffiti removal
  • Augmenting existing contracted services
  • Support for encampment material removal
  • Minor pressure washing
  • Clearing of debris along sidewalks and trails

The crew will deploy in a fully-outfitted utility truck to support the program expected to launch late Fall.

Like other communities, Citrus Heights has experienced increased levels of visible blight largely attributed to illegal dumping, negligent littering, inattentive property owners, and transient activity. These challenges are neither unique to Citrus Heights, nor are they short term that may self-resolve as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, these challenges adversely affect Citrus Heights businesses and threaten the economic vitality of our community and the quality of life for our residents. This current, complex situation is the result of many factors outside the City’s control, which include but are not limited to relevant case law related to unlawful camping activity, lack of affordable housing, and a historical lack of local resources to proactively address blight. The one-time American Rescue Plan Act funding has provided Citrus Heights a unique opportunity to increase local control and advance community image goals by deploying resources directly into the community that will proactively address blight.

Be on the lookout for the Beautification Crew at upcoming events as the City ramps up outreach and education around the program and services that will be provided.

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