Citrus Heights Cares is all about the small actions we can take daily or weekly that create a big impact in our community. Maintaining these 10 areas of your residence will make your home shine, beautify your neighborhood, and deter crime.


  • Cut grass, prune shrubs, and shape hedges to maintain your residence’s visibility 
  • Pick up fallen leaves and vegetation 
  • Consider drought-friendly landscapes to save water and money 
  • Trim trees away from street lights 
  • Consider trees to help shade your neighborhood and improve overall appearance. SMUD offers free trees at 


  • Install LED lighting like porch lights, driveway lights, motion lights, landscape lighting, lamp posts, and other lighting to brighten your property and provide a clear, safe path to your doorway and driveway 


  • Address emergency repairs properly to prevent further damage or safety hazards 
  • Store unnecessary or surplus items like barbeques, equipment, and surplus furniture out of public view 


  • Consider a doorbell camera, security camera, or security system with remote viewing for 24/7 surveillance


  • Keep fences in good condition by cleaning regularly to remove dirt, dust, leaves and grass 
  • Regularly check for damage like broken or loose pickets, tilted posts or holes 
  • Apply a protective finish or sealant to prevent rotting and rusting 


  • Help take care of our business community by not dumping bulky trash in commercial areas and reporting illegal dumping offenders 
  • Take advantage of the Neighborhood Cleanup service to eliminate bulky trash 
  • Retrieve containers from the curb in a timely manner after trash day


  • Park your registered car or truck in your driveway or garage 
  • Store project or hobby vehicles in a garage or away from public view 
  • Park RVs or boats entirely within property boundaries and ensure they are registered, licensed, in good operation, and on approved parking surfaces 
  • Do not park commercial trailers or vehicles greater than one ton on streets


  • License your pets and report lost and/or found pets at 
  • Observe noise ordinances by ensuring your pet is inside or kenneled during quiet hours


  • Show care for our business community and observe the City Shopping Cart Ordinance by not taking carts offsite to transport purchases (unauthorized removal or possession of a cart is a violation of state and local law) 


  • If you are a rental property owner, know rental housing property standards and ensure compliance. This includes things like proper utilities, functional outlets and smoke detectors, and more