Grants and Incentive Programs

The City of Citrus Heights offers grant and incentive programs to fund projects, support the arts, and revitalize the community with economic development incentives. 

Community Grant Programs

Neighborhood Improvement Partnership Grant

The Neighborhood Improvement Partnership Grant encourages residents to shape their neighborhoods by beautifying public spaces, improving safety, enhancing their esthetics, and fostering robust community connections. 

Community Projects Grant 

The Community Projects Grant is a funding initiative to support community-driven projects that support community connection and enhancement.  This program provides financial assistance to local organizations, nonprofits, and individuals with innovative ideas for projects that engage residents and promote community involvement, pride, and connection.   

Community Support Fund

The Community Support Fund is a vital resource dedicated to strengthening and improving the overall quality of life in Citrus Heights. This program provides financial assistance to nonprofits and community-based organizations that address social needs and provide services to the community. 

History and Arts Grant

The History and Arts Grant offers financial support to individuals and organizations for projects focused on historical preservation, cultural events, and arts promotion within the city. 

Economic Development Grant and Incentive Programs

Economic Development Support Fund

The Economic Development Support Fund provides funding and incentives to local businesses for special events, marketing activities, or other economic development-related activities that offer a public benefit to the City. 

Design Assistance Program 

The Design Assistance Program provides local eligible small businesses with funding for new signage or a design rendering for facade improvements.  

Sign Improvement Program

The Sign Improvement Program is an initiative to assist property owners in commercially zoned areas in enhancing and improving their signage, eliminating blight, and encouraging economic development.   

Activate Auburn Program

The Activate Auburn Program is available to property and business owners in the Auburn Boulevard Specific Plan Area.  The program is focused on decreasing vacancies and activating and revitalizing existing properties.