Compliance Requirements

Sign Requirements

  • All signs must comply with the Citrus Heights zoning code concerning size, setback, height, placement, design and number of signs allowed. Contact the Planning Division at 916-727-4740 for information.
  • Any light used to illuminate a sign must be arranged to reflect light away from nearby uses and away from the vision of passing motorists. Lighted signs also require an electrical permit and inspections.
  • Signs for identification on the premises are permitted within each zoning district classification, provided that each use has only 1 sign and each sign does not exceed the maximum sign size allowed in that zoning district.
  • Off premises signs such as billboards and off-site directional signs are not permitted in Citrus Heights. Existing billboards are considered non-conforming uses.
  • Portable and A-frame signs are not permitted even on a temporary basis.
  • Animated, rotating, and blinking signs are not permitted in Citrus Heights even on a temporary basis.
  • Signs cannot be located within or project into any road right-of-way or utility easement, even on a temporary basis. Signs may not be located in a manner that would affect traffic safety.
  • Freestanding signs require a setback, footing, possible foundation, possible electrical, and final inspection.
  • Flush wall signs require a possible electrical and final inspection.

Electrical Requirements

  • Each sign of other than the portable type, shall be controlled by an externally operable switch or breaker that will open all underground conductors. [NEC 600-2]
  • The disconnecting means shall be within sight of the sign or outline lighting that it controls.
  • Exception: A disconnecting means shall not be required for an exit directional sign connected to a circuit within the scope of Article 700.
  • Exception: Signs or outline lighting operated by electronic or electromechanical controllers located external to the sign shall have a disconnecting means located within sight from the controller location. The disconnecting means shall be so designed that no pole can be operated independently. The disconnecting means shall be permitted to be in the same enclosure with the controller. The disconnecting means shall be permitted to be in the same enclosure with the controller. [NEC 600-2(a)]
  • Switches, flasher, and similar devices controlling transformers shall be either rated for controlling inductive load(s) or have an ampere rating not less than twice the ampere rating of the transformer. [NEC 600-2(b)]
  • Every electric sign of any type, fixed or portable, shall be listed and installed in conformance with that listing, unless otherwise permitted by special permission. [NEC 600-4]
  • Signs, troughs, tube terminal boxes, and other metal frames shall be grounded in the manner specified in Article 250. [NEC 600-5]
  • Signs shall be marked with the Maker's name, and for incandescent lamp signs with the lamp holders; and for electric-discharge-lamp signs, with input amperes at full load and input voltage. The marking of the sign shall be visible after installation. [NEC 600-7(a)]
  • Transformers shall be marked with the maker's name; and transformers for electric-discharged-lamp sign must be marked with the input rating in amperes or volt-amperes, the input voltage, and the open-circuit output voltage. [NEC 600-7(b)]