Development Regulations

Regulations for Development

Development is regulated by several factors including, zoning, lot size, building heights, and setbacks. The information listed here is intended to provide you with an overview of some of the physical development standards that may affect your project.

Zoning Information

For additional zoning information, view the Zoning Map (PDF). You may also view the Zoning Code and the Zoning Map Legendfor more information on zoning districts.

Commercial Development Standards

Effective November 5, 2006

In addition to the standards listed below, properties shall meet the requirements of other applicable development standards such as landscaping, and parking and loading. Note: This table is only a graphic. In case of a discrepancy between this table and the zoning code, the code shall control. The measurements for the table are in feet unless otherwise specified.

Zoning DistrictMin. Lot Size, Width, DepthResidential Density Allowed Per AcreMin. Front Setbacks
Min. Side Yard Interior Setback (2)Min. Street Corner Setbacks
Min. Rear Yard Setback (2)Floor Area Ratio (FAR)Max. Structure Height
BP020250/20250/250.5024/50 (3)
LC02020 (1)0/2520 (1)0/250.6024/50 (3)
SC02020 (1)0/2520 (1)0/250.6024/50 (3)
GC02020 (1)0/2520 (1)0/250.6024/50 (3)
AC02020 (1)0/2520 (1)0/250.6024/40 (4)
CR0050 (1)0/2550 (1)0/250.1024/40 (4)

Special Notes

(1) Setback area shall be used only for landscaping and pedestrian space. The front or side-corner setback may be reduced or eliminated by the review authority to accommodate the placement of a building at the back of the street sidewalk, and/or pedestrian space including outdoor seating or eating areas. The setback area may not be reduced to allow parking closer to the street.

(2) No setback is required unless adjacent to a residential zone.

(3) The requirements are 24 feet and 2 stories within 50 feet of a residential zone, 50 feet and 4 stories elsewhere.

(4) The requirements are 24 feet within 100 feet of a residential zone, 40 feet elsewhere.

Residential Standards

Effective January 11, 2009

Refer to Zoning Code Section 106.30.10 (PDF) for setback measurement instructions and exceptions to these requirements. Some subdivisions have larger setback requirements as recorded with the subdivision map. Setbacks recorded on subdivision maps will regulate the setback requirements. Note: This table is only a graphic. In case of a discrepancy between this table and the zoning code, the code shall control. The measurements for the table are in feet unless otherwise specified.

Residential Density Allowed Per AcreFloor Area Ratio (FAR)Max. Lot CoverageMin. Lot Size (Square Feet)Min. Lot WidthMin. Front Yard SetbackMin. Interior Side Yard SetbackMin. Street Side Yard SetbackMin. Rear Yard SetbackMax. Structure Height
RD-1 Single Family10.4030%43,5607520515 (4)25 (3)30
RD-2 Single Family20.4030%20,0007520515 (4)25 (3)30
RD-3 Single Family30.4030%10,0006520515 (4)20 (3)30
RD-4 Single Family40.4030%8,5006520515 (4)20 (3)30
RD-5 Single Family (Interior Lot)50.4040%5,0005015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-5 Single Family (Corner Lot)50.4040%6,0006015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-5 Duplex (Interior Lot)50.4040%6,0006015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-5 Duplex (Corner Lot)50.4040%7,0007015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 Single Family (Interior Lot)100.5050%3,0004015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 Single Family (Corner Lot)100.5050%4,0005015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 2 Family (Interior Lot)100.5050%4,0006015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 2 Family (Corner Lot)100.5050%5,0007015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 Multiple Family (Interior Lot)100.5050%5,0005015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-10 Multiple Family (Corner Lot)100.5050%6,0006015 (1)512.5 (4)20 (3)30
RD-20 Single Family (Interior Lot)200.5060%2,5004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-20 Single Family (Corner Lot)200.5060%3,0004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-20 2 Family (Interior Lot)200.5060%3,5004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-20 2 Family (Corner Lot)200.5060%4,0004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-20 Multiple Family (Interior Lot)200.5060%5,0005025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-20 Multiple Family (Corner Lot)200.5060%6,0006025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 Single Family (Interior Lot)300.5060%2,5004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 Single Family (Corner Lot)300.5060%3,0004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 2 Family (Interior Lot)300.5060%3,5004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 2 Family (Corner Lot)300.5060%4,0004025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 Multiple Family (Interior Lot)300.5060%5,0005025(2)2520 (3)50
RD-30 Multiple Family (Corner Lot)300.5060%6,0006025(2)2520 (3)50

Special Notes

(1) The requirement is 20 feet for garage facade.

(2) The requirements are 10 feet for a 1-story, 20 feet for a 2-story, and 30 feet for a 3-story structure.

(3) Projections into the required rear yard are allowed provided that an equal additional open space area is made available in the area able to be built on of the lot. Minimum rear yard setbacks are 10 feet for 1 story, and 15 feet for a 2-story structure.

(4) Garages that open to the street side yard shall have a minimum driveway length of 20 feet.