Corridor Overlay

Transition Corridor Overlay

The city's General Plan and Land Use Map depict the location and extent of various General Plan designations throughout the city. Among those General Plan designations, are Transition Corridor Overlay properties. This designation is intended to provide for limited or light commercial uses combined with underlying residential uses on specific parcels located along major transportation corridors.

Map Identification

Transition properties were depicted through the use of a dot on the selected property within the General Plan Map, to identify them as appropriate locations for a blending of less intense commercial uses that are compatible with residential uses in transitional areas.

Nonresidential Uses Criteria

In accordance with the General Plan, the Transition Corridor Overlay designation is a combining tool that is applied to land residential zones to modify the uses and standards of the underlying residential designation. Allowable nonresidential uses on qualifying parcels must meet the following criteria:

  • Generate low to moderate traffic volumes
  • Have daytime or evening hours, as long as it can be clearly demonstrated that any evening operations support and will not negatively affect nearby residential uses
  • Are otherwise compatible with the residential character and uses of the area
  • Building intensity and density standards are the same as the underlying residential designation

Modified Standards for Fences

The modified standards for the underlying residential uses enabled through this combining designation within the Zoning Code also include modification of the fence setback regulations normally found within residential areas.

Corridor Overlay zoning designated areas will be allowed to have fences within 10 feet of the front property line, rather than the current requirement of 20 feet for residential sites. This reduction in the front yard setback for fencing will be accompanied by a requirement for enhanced landscaping fronting along the corridor.

Transition Designations

The Transition Designations found within the Land Use Map are currently located on specific properties along major corridors, including:

  • 1 property on Sylvan Road
  • Sunrise Boulevard
  • Antelope Road
  • Auburn Boulevard
  • Greenback Lane

Corridor Overlay Ordinance

The city has adopted a Corridor Overlay Ordinance (PDF) to better define permitted and prohibited uses allowed in the corridor zone along with hours of operation and site development standards. Properties identified on the city's Land Use Map that qualify for the designation must process a rezone application to have the designation formally applied to their property.

To learn more about the Corridor Overlay designation, contact the Planning Division.