Resources and Information

Summer is HERE!

Plan ahead when enjoying summer activities with our animals. Every year pets die due to heat related illnesses. Never leave an animal unattended in the heat in a parked car! Even if your car is parked in the shade with the windows down; heat stroke can happen in minutes.

  • Studies have shown that leaving the windows down has little effect on a vehicle’s internal temperature
  • Within the first 15-30 minutes the temperature in a vehicle can rise over 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature.  That means on an average summer day in Citrus Heights the temperature inside your vehicle is over 120 degrees!
  • Dogs don’t sweat! Dogs can only cool off by panting and through the pads of their feet which makes them particularly vulnerable to high temperatures.  In just a short time, your pet could suffer irreversible nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage, brain damage or death.

Visit our Weather Tips page for more information

Local Resources

Follow this link for a list of Pet Friendly Apartments in our City

We have many wonderful Local Vets in our City! Follow the link for comprehensive list

Local Dog Parks


POOCH Dog Park

at C-Bar-C Park is the only off-leash community dog park in Citrus Heights. And is generously supported by the non-profit group POOCH (Pet Owners Organization of Citrus Heights)

Low Cost Care Resources


Annually, thousands of unwanted cats go to shelter and end up euthanized. Reduce cat overpopulation by spaying or neutering your pet! Vouchers are currently unavailable due to COVID.  Contact River City Cat Rescue for free information and low-cost options. Low-income residents can get assistance with spay/neuter costs.  

River City Cat Rescue



Sacramento SPCA Clinic offers affordable spay/neuter services. They also offer discounts, senior programs, and We Pay to Spay, a breed specific program offering free spay/neuter services for pitbulls and pitbull mixes by appointment only. _________________________________________

Animal Spay & Neuter in Auburn   and Community Spay Neuter Clinic in Sacramento offer low or no-cost veterinary services.

Animal Medical canstock16612511Help with Emergency Care Costs

Emergency situations can be costly. Fortunately, there are many non-profits that assist with care, financing options available, and options for low income households and seniors.

Prescription Medication Assistance

Please talk to your vet about help with paying for your animal's prescription medications

Programs and Nonprofits

Placer SPCA SOS Program

Sacramento SPCA Senior Services

The Sacramento Pet Food Bank

The Pet Fund
A nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program
Provides assistance for owners of cats with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS)

Red Rover Relief
Provides grants and additional resources for pets in need of urgent veterinary care

Pets of the Homeless
Focuses on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets belonging to the homeless

Care Credit
A credit card company for healthcare, including veterinary care

Additional Resources

The Humane Society

Keep Your Pet - Sacramento