Citrus Heights Culture

With the incorporation of the City of Citrus Heights, a call was sent and a number of talented, entrepreneurial employees chose to take a risk and join a new start-up city. Since our 1997 incorporation, these pioneers have worked hard to build an effective organization that is dramatically improving the community of Citrus Heights. In 2006, an employee-based Police Department was created and seasoned police veterans were hired with strong lateral talent, creativity, and a deep desire to service.

Stand Apart

The City Council and City Manager Ash Feeney work to ensure that the organization's mission statement - to provide "high-quality, economical, responsive services to our community" - is reflected in daily decisions. Our culture is described below.

  • We take pride in being creative and using non-traditional approaches to providing municipal services.
  • We are a fast-paced organization with an expectation for multi-tasking and breadth in responsibilities.
  • Our employees consistently go the extra mile to provide a high level of customer service internally and externally - all with the goal of meeting our customer service core value to provide "service beyond expectations".
  • The concept of "not in my job description" and "we've always done it this way" are not in our corporate vocabulary.
  • Our work environment is customer-driven and demands that our employees use initiative and flexibility in identifying and meeting community needs and expectations.
  • Our work environment is also team-oriented, fun, challenging, and full of growth opportunities, both in terms of depth and scope of experience.
  • While we are driven to excel, we also encourage our employees to strike a balance and take time away from work to enjoy their personal lives and family.

We set high expectations for our employees and as an organization we recognize staff's efforts and accomplishments. If this culture sounds intriguing to you, then please look further and discover more about the City of Citrus Heights.