Formation of Potholes

Every year, potholes regularly plague our streets and roadways. A typical pothole occurs when rain or other water sinks through cracks in old or weakened asphalt. The water is soaked up by the mixture of rock, gravel and sand that supports the road. Vehicles driving over the area force water through the soggy roadbed, eventually eroding parts of it. Over time, asphalt sinks into the eroded portions of the roadbed and cracks under the continued impact of the vehicle tires. Chunks come loose and a pothole is created.

Constantly on the Lookout

In the General Services Department, field staff members are constantly on the lookout for new pothole appearances. In fact, all city staff have become pothole reporters and call locations in to dispatch when they see them.

Reporting a Pothole

While most potholes are patched as soon as they are reported, some are not reported and continue to grow. If you see a pothole, we encourage you to let us know. The best number to call for reporting potholes is 916-727-4770 or use the SeeClickFix app to report the pothole online. Please include a detailed location description. For example, a pothole report that the street name, exact lane (from right to left in the direction of travel -- #1 closest to median, #2, or #3), the direction of travel, size, and depth of the hole, and the cross street or closest street address is ideal.

Thank you for working with us as we strive to keep our streets safe and pothole free!

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