Job Descriptions

Below is a list of all the employment positions available with the city and the salary schedule listing the salary ranges for each classification. View the city's Salary Schedule (PDF) or access the following classification title links:

Classification Title

  1. Accountant (PDF)
  2. Accounting Manager (PDF)
  3. Accounting Technician PDF
  4. Administrative Assistant (PDF)
  5. Administrative Technician (PDF)
  6. Animal Services Officer I/II (PDF)
  7. Assistant Chief of Police (PDF)
  8. Assistant City Manager PDF
  9. Assistant to the City Manager (PDF)
  10. Assistant/Associate Engineer (PDF)
  11. Assistant/Associate Planner (PDF)
  12. Associate Civil Engineer PDF
  13. Building Inspector I/II (PDF)
  14. Chief Building Official (PDF)
  15. City Clerk (PDF)
  16. City Engineer PDF
  17. City Manager's Executive Assistant (PDF)
  18. Code Enforcement Officer I-II (PDF)
  19. Code Enforcement Technician (PDF)
  20. Communications Officer (PDF)
  21. Community Development Director (PDF)
  22. Community Services Officer I/II (PDF)
  23. Construction Maintenance Inspector I/II (PDF)
  24. Construction/ Maintenance Inspection Supervisor (PDF)
  25. Crime Scene Property Evidence Specialist I/II (PDF)
  26. Custodian PDF
  27. Database and Applications Analyst (PDF)
  28. Development Services Technician I/II (PDF)
  29. Development Specialist I/II (PDF)
  30. Economic Development & Community Engagement Director (PDF)
  31. Economic Development Manager (PDF)
  32. Engineering Aide/EngineeringTechnician I/II (PDF)
  33. Event and Community Center Technician (PDF)
  34. Executive Assistant (PDF)
  35. Facility and Grounds Manager (PDF)
  36. Facility Attendant (PDF)
  37. Facility Attendant Trainee (PDF)
  38. Finance Director (PDF)
  39. Finance Manager (PDF)
  40. Financial Assistant II (PDF)
  41. Fleet Technician (PDF)
  42. General Services Director (PDF)
  43. Grants and Housing Program Technician I/II (PDF)
  44. Housing and Human Services Program Coordinator (PDF)
  45. Human Resources Analyst I/II (PDF)
  46. Human Resources and City Information Director (PDF)
  47. Human Resources Associate
  48. Human Resources Technician (PDF)
  49. Information Technology Analyst I/II (PDF)
  50. Information Technology Manager (PDF)