General Business License

General Business Licenses are required for any business performing business activity within the city. All businesses in the City of Citrus Heights are required to obtain a General Business License except for the following, which are exempt by state law:

  • Financial Institutions - Banks, savings and loans, credit unions, loan and similar financial institutions as defined in Code Section 17351 of the California Business and Professions Code, except that check-cashing businesses do require a General Business License.
  • Residential Facilities - apartments, rooming houses, duplexes, and other residential facilities in which living units are rented or leased solely on a term of thirty days or longer, residential care homes for adults or children, and family day care homes.
  • Public Assembly Buildings - churches, labor union halls, temples, fraternal halls, and other lodges.
  • Public Libraries
  • Agriculture - includes the growing of crops, raising of livestock, and dairying, except that a General Business License is required for any enterprise that combines product from multiple farms or ranches by a cooperative or other business enterprise for marketing distribution.