Various Signalized Intersection Safety Improvements

Project Status:  

The contractor has completed accessibility and signal upgrades at 2 intersections on Sunrise Boulevard in front of Sunrise Mall.  The contractor has also completed upgrading various traffic signals throughout the city (you'll notice the yellow reflective backplate borders on signal indications around the City).

The construction of the fence at Greenback/Auburn will begin Monday, April 18, 2022.  Central Valley Engineering, and their subcontractor Crusader Fencing, will have lane closures in place to make repairs to the concrete median noses and fence installation.  This project is anticipated to be completed by the middle of May, 2022.


For questions about the project, please contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770.

Project Description: 

The city operates and maintains 61 signalized intersections, most of which were installed many years ago. As part of routine maintenance efforts and various capital improvement projects, some traffic signals have been upgraded to include count-down pedestrian signal indications and larger size vehicle indications. This project will upgrade all remaining pedestrian signal indications with count-down models and increase the size of many vehicle indications. In addition, as part of the upgrades at the intersections of Sunrise Blvd/Macy Plaza Drive and Sunrise Blvd/Birdcage Center, upgraded accessible curb ramps will be installed and a median fence will be installed at the intersection of Greenback Lane and Auburn Boulevard.

ped headWhat is a count-down pedestrian signal indication? 
When pedestrians cross a road at a traffic signal within the City of Citrus Heights, they must first push a button and wait for the “walk” signal. The indication that shows the “walk” and “flashing hand” are known as the pedestrian signal. Some models of this signal count-down the time remaining to complete the road crossing. These models are known as the ‘count-down’ models. Other models only show a blinking red hand, but do not display any additional information. The count-down models allow users to make more informed decisions on when to cross the road and reduce the number of pedestrians within the crosswalk when the light turns to the next phase. Currently, there are 11 traffic signals in the city in need of count-down pedestrian signal indications

signal headWhat is a vehicle signal indication? 
The vehicle signal indications are the red, yellow and green lights that inform motorists when to proceed through an intersection and when to stop. Within the city, there are two different sizes of vehicle signal indications. The larger indications provide increased visibility of the traffic signals and enhances the drivers’ ability to react to upstream roadway conditions. Currently, there are 29 traffic signals in the city in need of increased vehicle indication sizes.

What is the purpose of the median fence? At the intersection of Greenback Ln/Auburn Blvd, several pedestrian-involved crashes have occurred related to pedestrians crossing the roadway outside of the intersection's crosswalks. Installation of a pedestrian median barrier will prohibit pedestrians from crossing at these locations, guiding them to use the designated controlled crosswalks at the adjacent traffic signals.

What will be done at Sunrise Blvd/Macy Plaza and Sunrise Blvd/Birdcage Center? Currently, when walking along the east side of Sunrise Boulevard (adjacent to the Sunrise Mall), there are no push buttons or pedestrian signal indications informing when to cross at these two signalized intersections. In addition, the crosswalks are narrow and there is not much space for pedestrians as they wait. This project will upgrade the traffic signals to include count-down pedestrian indications, install accessible curb ramps, install pedestrian push buttons, and widen the crosswalk to provide increased safety for all users of these intersections.

Community Open House:

Thank you to those who attended the community Open House on February 20, 2019 at the Citrus Heights Community Center. Please click to view the presentation slides, fact sheet, project location board, Sunrise intersection board, and the signal upgrade board from the Open House.  

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Online Survey Results:

The online survey results are in!  

The survey, which was open during the month of February 2019, asked community members to comment on the aesthetics of four fencing alternatives:

Style 1 - Plant Climbing                    Style 2 - Scalloped


Style 3 - Straight Topped                  Style 4 - Match Ex. Unfinished


Rate each fence style on a scale of 1-5

The survey asked community members to rate the look of each fence on a scale of 1-5.  The average results were:

Pick the style you like best

The survey also asked community members to pick the one fence they liked best.  Here are the results:

City Council Selection

On March 14, 2019, project information and survey results were presented to the City Council.  The Council provided guidance to staff to move forward with Style 1 - the plant climbing fence!

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