Where can I get sandbags in storm season?

The City provides sandbags for CITRUS HEIGHTS RESIDENTS ONLY.  Please bring proof of residency, such as driver’s license or utility bill showing you live in Citrus Heights. If you do not live in Citrus Heights, please contact your local agency (City of Roseville, Sacramento County, Placer County, etc.) for sandbag information. 

The City can provide limited, unfilled sandbags to our residents through the General Services Department.  Residents may come to City Hall at 6360 Fountain Square Drive during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5), provide proper identification showing Citrus Heights residency, and staff will provide a limited number of empty sandbags to be self-filled at the following the locations: 

  • City Hall  (6360 Fountain Square Drive) 
  • C-Bar-C Park (8275 Oak Avenue)

Residents must bring their own shovels to the sand pile locations.  See more information about Be Storm Ready & Disaster Preparedness | Citrus Heights, CA - Official Website.

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