How do I file a complaint against a Citrus Heights Police Department employee?

The Citrus Heights Police Department welcomes justified complaints concerning the actions of its employees. The Citrus Heights Police Department wishes to provide you the best law enforcement service possible.




Every person has an absolute right to file a complaint. Your reluctance to prepare a complaint form shall not impair that right. If you do not wish to complete the form, or sign it, it shall be completed by the Watch Commander with whom the complaint is lodged. It is desirable that you come to the Police Department where your complaint can be received during a personal interview. However, complaints can be made by mail or by telephone, and may be made anonymously.


If the complaint is made by either telephone or mail, a copy of the complaint will be mailed to you if an address is provided. An investigator will contact all witnesses, examine any relevant physical evidence, and gather all information associated with each charge made in the complaint. After completion of the investigation, a disposition for each charge shall be made, based on each alleged act of misconduct.


The final disposition of your complaint will be made by the Chief of Police. Departmental procedure allows thirty (30) days for completion of an investigation into a Civilian’s complaint. An extension may be granted by the Chief of Police, if necessary. You will be notified of the extension and the reasons for that extension. You will be notified by mail of the disposition of the complaint.

The complaint form can be accessed by clicking on this link. The form can be dropped off to the front counter at the police department, mailed to the address below, faxed to (916) 727-5565, or emailed to

Please mail complaint forms to:

6315 Fountain Square Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

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