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1. Why is the City doing this program now?
2. Who is paying for the MMTSP?
3. How can I get involved in the MMTSP?
4. What is the outcome of the MMTSP?
5. When will the Program development be complete?
6. What about requests that have already been made?
7. Does the City have money to install improvements?
8. Neighborhood Safety Toolbox - How do we get access to the items in the toolbox such as the lawn signs and window clings?
9. When will the tool be live for us to use?
10. There appears to be a large backlog of requests. How long will a request remain on the list/map?
11. Will we be able to see which requests have been selected for implementation and the associated timeline?
12. How does education and enforcement factor into the program?
13. How are the requests that go directly to the police department considered as part of this process?
14. What if there is a serious concern that should be address right now?
15. Where can the recorded presentation of this Community Workshop presentation be found?