Protect Our Water

Creeks, Lakes & Rivers

The City of Citrus Heights has 26-miles of creeks; specifically Arcade, Brooktree, Coyle, Cripple, Mariposa, and San Juan. These creeks deliver water to Arcade Creek and then directly to the Sacramento River and ultimately into the ocean. Because runoff reaches our creeks, lakes, and rivers, in most cases without being treated first, it is important to keep storm drains free of pollutants. The video below demonstrates how pollutants travel from residential neighborhoods directly into our waterways.

Urban Runoff

The porous and varied terrain of natural landscapes like forests, wetlands and grasslands trap rainwater and snowmelt so the water can slowly filter into the ground. In contrast, nonporous urban landscapes like roads, parking lots and buildings prevent water from slowly absorbing into the ground. Instead, water remains above the surface, accumulates and runs off in large amounts. In cities, storm drain systems carry this runoff from nonporous surfaces into local streams and creeks.


When water enters storm drains, it carries pollutants such as sediment, oil, and pesticides with it. As a result of increased development, the number of pollutants has also increased. In Citrus Heights, this polluted runoff flows from storm drains directly into creeks without any treatment. Increased pollutant loads can harm fish and wildlife populations, kill native vegetation, foul drinking water supplies, and make recreational areas unsafe.

Citrus Heights needs your help to prevent pollution from the source. Do your part to keep waterways clean by following the tips listed on the Waste Disposal page.