4. Why is the City undertaking a Specific Plan?
  1. At nearly 100-acres, Sunrise Mall is the largest single redevelopment opportunity in Citrus Heights. Sunrise Mall has consistently been the economic engine for Citrus Heights. The impact of e-commerce, competition from other shopping centers, and changing consumer preferences have resulted in an overall decline of shopping at the Mall.

    A Specific Plan allows the city to develop a vision and evaluate redevelopment options for the Sunrise Mall. The process to develop the Specific Plan will ensure the redevelopment is consistent with the community’s vision and that adequate infrastructure and land use requirements are in place to allow that vision to occur.

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1. 1. Is the Sunrise Mall Closing?
2. 2. Does the City own any land around Sunrise Mall?
3. 3. What is a Specific Plan?
4. 4. Why is the City undertaking a Specific Plan?
5. 5.What about Traffic and other Environmental concerns?
6. 6. How long does this process take?
7. 7. How big is the Sunrise Mall?
8. 8. What is the existing Zoning and what does that allow?
9. 9. What will the property look like in the future?
10. 10. What uses will be allowed on the Sunrise Mall property?
11. 11. Will the Specific Plan include Housing?