Prohibited Signs

Examples of prohibited signs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Abandoned signs
  • Animated and moving signs, including electronic message display signs, and variable intensity, blinking, or flashing signs, or signs that emit a varying intensity of light or color, except time and temperature displays (which are not considered signs), and barber poles
  • Off-site signs (e.g., billboards, and signs painted or mounted on a vehicle parked for longer than necessary for on-site delivery or pick-up operations), except as provided by Sections 106.38.070.F (Off-Site Signs), and 106.38.070.I.2 (Temporary Signs - Subdivision Directional Signs - Off-Site)
  • Obscene signs, as obscenity is defined by state law
  • Pole signs
  • Roof signs
  • Because of the city's compelling interest in ensuring traffic safety, signs that simulate in color, size, or design, any traffic control sign or signal, or that make use of words, symbols, or characters in a manner that interferes with, misleads, or confuses pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • A sign in the form or shape of a directional arrow, or otherwise displaying a directional arrow, except as approved by the review authority, or as required for safety and convenience and for control of on-site vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • A sign painted on, attached to, or suspended from, a car, truck, boat, other vehicle, or other movable object that is parked longer than necessary for on-site delivery or pick-up operations within a public right-of-way, or located on private property but conspicuously visible from a public right-of-way, except a sign painted directly upon, magnetically affixed to, or permanently affixed to the body or other integral part of a vehicle that is smaller than a single door panel
  • A sign burned, cut, or otherwise marked on or affixed to a rock, tree, or other natural feature
  • A sign placed within a public right-of-way, except as provided by Section 106.38.050.E (Signs Within a Public Right-of-Way)
  • Temporary and portable signs, except as specifically allowed by Section 106.38.070.I. (Temporary Signs), including the following:
    • Balloons and other inflatable devices
    • Flags except as allowed by Section 106.38.035.F.2 (Official Flags)
    • Pennants and streamers except in conjunction with a athletic event, carnival, circus, or fair, and as allowed in Section 106.38.070.I (Temporary Signs)
    • Individual letters mounted on an exposed electrical raceway instead of mounted directly on a building wall