Vehicle-Related Issues

Vehicle violations are the city’s most common complaint. The city typically has over 1,800 cases per year relating to vehicles. Violations reported include major automotive repair operation at a residence, lawn parking, inoperative vehicles, and commercial vehicles parked in residential areas. You may report a vehicle violation by using one of the following forms:

Abandoned & In-Operational Vehicles

Inoperative or abandoned vehicles parked on a public street more than 72 hours may be cited and towed. Inoperative vehicles may not be parked within public view unless they have current registration and become operational. To report an abandoned or inoperative vehicle on the street, call 916-727-5500.

Abandoned Vehicles in Shopping Centers or Other Commercial Area

Vehicles abandoned in shopping centers or other commercial areas may be towed by the property owner. Property owners should post the proper signage within the lot areas to meet code requirements. Signs must display the appropriate California Vehicle Code (CVC) violation numbers. The city can provide you a packet of sample signs that you can use when ordering your signs.

Vehicle Donation Organizations

Vehicle donation organizations may assist you in disposing of a vehicle. Read our vehicle donation list for a compilation of donation and charity organizations obtained from local newspapers, the Internet, and various other publications. The city does not endorse any of these organizations. Please call the Better Business Bureau at 916-443-6843 for verification of the organizations.