Temporary Use Permits

A variety of short-term activities may be authorized through the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit.  Temporary Use Permits are processed through the Planning Division and are reviewed for compliance with Section 106.42.250 of the City's Zoning Code.​​A Temporary Use Permit is required for the following temporary activities:
  • Seasonal Sale of Christmas trees, pumpkins, etc. for a period of up to 30 days​
  • Outdoor sale event within a commercial area including parking lot sale or other promotional sale up to 30 days for a grand opening and up to 10 days per calendar year thereafter
  • ​Construction staging area for commercial construction projects not occurring at the same location as the storage yard for a period of one year​
  • Temporary structures such as classroom, office, or similar for a period of one year
  • ​Reoccurring Community event such as a farmer's market, street fair or similar that occurs outdoors on a regular schedule
  • ​Special event including carnival, safety fair, or similar activity for a period of 10 consecutive days​
  • Storage containers for commercial businesses up to 90 consecutive days

Temporary Vending

A Temporary Use Permit may authorize the sale of goods and merchandise, including food, from carts stands, or similar. Temporary vending is allowed to occur at a single location for up to 180 days per calendar year. A longer amount of time may be granted if the vending is part of a reoccurring event including vendor food groups (two or more mobile food vendors at one location). The use of property for vending is limited to an approved area and may require accessible restrooms, review of the vending devices, and limited based upon the proximately to other retailers/service providers. Section 106.42.250 of the City's Zoning Code provides the regulations for temporary vending.

Additional Information

For additional information on temporary activities, contact the Planning Division at (916) 727-4740 or by emailing the Planning Division.