Rental Housing Inspection Program

If you received an insert in your Consolidated Utility Bill which says  your property has been identified as a Citrus Heights Rental Property and you do not own any property in Citrus Heights, please disregard this notice.

Please accept our apology for any confusion this error has caused you. 

The City of Citrus Heights established a Rental Housing Inspection Program in 2019.  The purpose of this program is to preserve our neighborhoods and the quality of life for our residents by ensuring all housing meets health and safety standards, and to maintain or increase property values within the City of Citrus Heights by ensuring the preservation of non-owner occupied housing.

Annual Fees

Annual Registration Fee
Housing Stock Fee
Single Family                                       $ 65
1 - 4 units                         $27 per unit
2-4 Units                                              $105
1 - 4 units                         $27 per unit
5 or more units                                    $140
5 - 99 units                         $20 per unit
5 or more units                                    $140
100 or more units                        $17 per unit

The Housing Stock Fee and the annual registration fee for the Rental Housing Inspection Program was approved by City Council Resolution #2018-112.  New fees effective January 1, 2019 are based on the number of rental units per property and are billed annually through Consolidated Utilities Billing and Services


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