POTHOLE FACTS – WHY do they happen?
  1. Weight – heavy vehicles and frequent traffic deteriorate pavement

  2. Water – water seeps into cracks, loosening asphalt

  3. Weather – wet and cold weather weaken roads further

Find out more about our Pavement Maintenance Program | Citrus Heights, CA - Official Website  and Residential Street Resurfacing | Citrus Heights, CA - Official Website 

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1. What is a service request?
2. How often are City streets swept?
3. Why doesn't the City install a stop sign at a certain intersection?
4. How do I ask the City to review a traffic problem in my neighborhood?
5. What can be done about speeding in my neighborhood?
6. How do I report missed service for garbage, organic green waste, or mixed recycling containers?
7. In which neighborhood area do I live / work?
8. Where can I get sandbags in storm season?
9. Where can I find out more about the West Nile Virus?
10. WHERE can I report potholes?
11. WHAT information do you need from me to report a pothole?
12. POTHOLE FACTS – WHY do they happen?
13. HOW are potholes repaired?