The intersection is not a perfect 90 degrees. Can’t you realign the intersection?

Striping changes to increase the angle of the northbound left turn were implemented in October 2019.  These changes include realigning the eastbound lane on Old Auburn Road to allow a broader turn radius from northbound Fair Oaks Boulevard.  Any additional changes to realign the roadways to intersect at 90 degrees will require reconstruction of the entire intersection and a portion of Fair Oaks Boulevard.  Realignment would also require purchase of property from one or more privately owned parcels.  For these reasons, it is not feasible to realign the intersection any more than what has already been done at this time.

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1. Why are you studying Old Auburn Road?
2. What part of Old Auburn is included in the study?
3. What is a Complete Street?
4. What are the benefits of a Complete Street?
5. Why dedicate a traffic lane on Old Auburn Road for bicyclists when there are not many who ride their bike on this road?
6. Why reduce the number of travel lanes? Instead, why not add a lane to reduce congestion?
7. Why were the planter barriers installed?
8. Why not install concrete or metal-beam barriers instead of the planters?
9. The intersection is not a perfect 90 degrees. Can’t you realign the intersection?
10. Why not change Fair Oaks Blvd to have one left turn lane and one right turn lane onto Old Auburn?
11. Why has Fair Oaks Blvd been reduced to one turn lane since the Thanksgiving weekend?
12. Can the Police Department patrol the area and hand out more tickets?
13. What is the current concept for the Old Auburn Road Complete Street Plan?
14. Why was the one-lane concept tested for 9 days during October 2019?
15. What are the plans to address traffic congestion in the area?
16. Is there potential to increase traffic on adjacent roadways and neighborhood streets?
17. What are the next steps for this Plan?
18. When will the Plan be implemented?