What are the next steps for this Project?

Phase 1 of the Old Auburn Complete Streets project has completed preliminary designs and is dedicating the remainder of 2023 to coordinating environmental documents, permits, and approvals paired with a continued community engagement strategy that hopes to build on the momentum of the 2020 Plan. The project design components, environmental findings, and community feedback will be presented to City Council for adoption of the environmental documents and authorization to begin final design plans and right of way negotiations that are scheduled to begin in 2024.

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1. Why is Old Auburn Road being fixed before other roads?
2. What part of Old Auburn Road is included in the current design?
3. What is a Complete Street?
4. Why reduce the number of travel lanes? Instead, why not add a lane to reduce congestion?
5. What are the plans to address traffic congestion in the area?
6. Why dedicate a traffic lane on Old Auburn Road for bicyclists when there are not many who ride their bike on this road?
7. What is a Separated Bikeway / Cycle Track?
8. Why were the planter barriers installed at the Fair Oaks intersection?
9. What will happen at the signalized intersections of Sunrise, Antelope and Fair Oaks?
10. What is a protected Intersection?
11. When will the Project be constructed?
12. What are the next steps for this Project?