Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

The City's regulates the placement and design of telecommunication facilities so as to preserve the unique visual character of the City, promote the aesthetic appearance of the City, and to ensure public safety and welfare.  Regulations include facilities located on private property as well as facilities installed within the City's rights-of-way.

All new facilities require the issuance of a Cellular Facility Design Review Permit issued by the Planning Commission. Design Review Permits for collocations or proposals for minor modification pursuant to Section 6409 require approval by the Planning Division.   The application submittal requirements for wireless facilities are very specific, please refer to the application checklist for application requirements.  Design standards can be found in the Section 106.44.050 (PDF) of the Zoning Code.

​Application Fees:
Design Review Permit requiring public hearing - $10,476
Design Review Permit staff level review - $4,699
Eligible Facility Modification under Section 6409 $2,156
**Please note that an application for a new facility requires a pre-application meeting as listed within the Application Checklist.**

Right-of-Way Installs

Installations proposed to be within the City's rights-of-way require entering into a Master Service Agreement

prior to submission of the Design Review Permit application.  For additional information on Master Service Agreement, please contact General Services Department at (916) 727-4770.