Apartment Survey

The City Citrus Heights has a large supply of multi-family housing available. In 2012, the City conducted a survey of apartment complexes and identified over 8,300 apartment units within 65 apartment complexes. The Apartment Survey was released January 2013. 

The survey collected information on rental rates, number of units, amenities, and renovation dates. The information was gathered through direct mail surveys, phone calls and internet research.

According to the survey, average rental rates for apartments in Citrus Heights range from $610 per month for a studio apartment to over $1,110 per month for a 3-bedroom unit. 

The City has several subsidized apartment complexes, of which a few are senior complexes.

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The information contained within the Apartment Survey (PDF) was conducted in 2012 and is current on the date the information was obtained. Please contact the apartment complex directly for current rental rates and application process.